domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

Traditional methodology VS Modern methodology (essay)

Nowadays, educational methodology is suffering a change. Most people are in favor of the traditional methodology. However, other people are in favor of modern ones.
            On the one hand we have traditional methodology. It means that the most important person at school is the teacher; children have to learn using only a book and their memory (they don’t understand the lessons normally). These children are passive and their objective is only to listen and accept all that they are told by teachers.
            On the other hand, children are the center of education by new methodologies. They must be an active people, who can speak and tell their opinion, learn by experimenting the environment, etc. In addition, families are in contact with school because they have to know if their children are learning well and if everything is correct. And marks are not important. This methodology cares about children development.

            To conclude, in my opinion school has to offer a good and free education. Children need to be the center of education, not the teachers.


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